Free Business Advertising

Free online advertising for all UK based businesses

A truly comprehensive online package for your company to target your audience effectively, both locally and nationally. UKSN provide your company with a unique marketing facility which is not only easy to use, but provides a massive amount of functionality.

Online advertising should offer more than just a directory listing - at UKSN we provide all the tools you require to promote different aspects of your business including the abiltity to post an unlimited number of offers & promotions, news & events, and job vacancies. Your business profile together with additional listings are automatically targetted geographically through our network of websites in order to promote your latest information effectively. As our network grows, all your listings and business information will be pulled into our our national portals.

Our systems allow you to log-in and update all your information including basic contact details and full company profile (together with company logo + up to 4 images). Not only that, you can update your offers & promotions, news & events, and job vacancies at any time.

Our system is easy to use and requires a minimum amount of web knowledge. The system uses a series of online forms, which on submission, update your information accordingly. That's it - your information is now live and viewable by your customers and clients.

Your Business Listing (free)

Our business directories will allow you to list the following information :

  • Your Company Name & Address
  • Telephone & Fax Number(s)
  • Website Link - boost your web presence
  • Map Link
  • Email Response Facility ( note: your email is never displayed publicly )
  • A full page profile of your company including company logo and up to 4 images
  • Your business is categorised into multiple directory categories
Full Functionality (free)

In addition to your business profile you will also have the following available to you :

  • The ability to list unlimited offers & promotions for your company
  • The ability to list unlimited internal and/or external job vacancies for your company
  • The ability to list unlimited news & events for your company
  • The ability to list unlimited property listings (for sale / to let) including up to 5 property images per listing and a PDF schedule(sales only).